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Owing to my interest in 20th Century designed objects and consumer articles, I have gradually acquired a selection of domestic-wares manufactured by Max Brauns appliance brand—Braun.

In contrast to the avalanche of chrome plated ‘consumer durables’ of the United States and other major economics economies, Braun of Frankfurt, while largely owing to the contribution of Dieter Rams and other pioneering colleagues effectively realised the ideological, functional and aesthetic concerns of modernity through a comparatively paired back, and considered design process.



The above photos were captured for the inclusion into a print publication series entitled ’Additional Forms’.

In retrospect, this project had influenced the goals and objectives which would later define my Artefact Led Research undertaking a semester later, as completed during my masters program at RMIT University.

In brief, the conceptual goals of this project was to explore the idea of additional forms through the consideration of light and dark, and how the projection of shadow could expand on the absolute and concrete form afforded to tangible objects.

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