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Project Credit

Jacob L’Huillier Lunt
James Ratsasane
Siqi Gao

Claudine Lestarina


Yoko Akama

School of Design,
College of Design and
Social Context,
RMIT University,

Melbourne, Australia

Community Partner

CoCreate Cremorne




Service Design
—Masters of Communication Design, RMIT, 2018

The suburb of Cremorne is steeped in history and rich with stories, however, seemingly lacks an effective forum for community engagement. This could be attributed to any number of factors including 'the transient nature of the area' as described by long time residents, or perhaps the gradual shift in 21st Century economic concerns has produced an urban space that is still finding its feet?... albeit in a vastly different social, political and economic climate.

Outside of these vast and complex issues, there is regardless a great deal of affection for 3121 — all 70 hectares of it, and with good reason. The vestiges of old industry, carries with it immense history and great stories worth sharing, but how, why and for whom?

The above examples were realised as part of a larger and extensive 14 week project that was developed through ongoing consultation with community members in order to guide the development a platform indented to give voice to the many stories and experiences of those who either work in the suburb, or call Cremorne home.

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