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Book Cover Series Design,
Granta Publications, 2019


Granta’s publishing team rely on freelance book cover designers to not only invent a unique communication of authorial ideas but also to create a design that attracts sales by capturing the imagination of the book-buying public.

As detailed in the brief, the key publishing objectives for these designs are as follows:

  1. To introduce and promote the young Welsh author Cynan Jones as a major voice in British fiction.

  2. To create a series of designs that communicate contemporary rather than historical or traditional literary fiction.

  3. Achieve an aesthetic that is elegant and lean to represent Jones’ unfussy and pared back prose style.

  4. To compete with other contemporary literary fiction titles currently present in the market.

  5. An illustrative approach with nice clear type, we want this to look completely fresh and very much like contemporary literary fiction, not nature writing or anything from a bucolic or pastoral tradition.

  6. Aesthetic should elegant but not fussy as Cynan’s prose style is lean and his storytelling pared down.

Author: Cynan Jones

Publisher: Granta Publications


The Long Dry, 2006
Everything I Found on The Beach, 2011
Cove, 2016

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