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A complex moral dilemma in an Increasingly Complex world: Morality, Ethics, consumption, The Individual, and Neoliberalism.

'Rather than altering our morality, neoliberalism “individualizes” ethics, making us personally responsible for dealing with and resolving its moral failings. In doing so, individuals end up perpetuating the very market system that they morally oppose and feel powerless to ultimately change.

This analysis reveals the complex and paradoxical way capitalism is currently shaping us as “ethical subjects.” People are increasingly asked to ethically “save” capitalism both collectively and personally. This can range from the “moral responsibility” to politically accept austerity following the financial crisis, to the willingness of employees to sacrifice their time and energy to make their neoliberal organizations more “humane,” to the efforts by individuals to contribute to their family and communities despite the pres- sures of a frenetic global business environment. Neoliberalism, thus, uses our ethics against us, relying on our “good nature” and sense of personal responsibility to reduce its human cost. Ironically, in the new millennium, it seems the more ethical we are, the stronger capitalism becomes.'

Text: Preface to The Ethics of Neoliberalism, The Business of Making Capitalism Moral, by Peter Bloom, 2017.​Audio: Tangerine Dream, 1974, Movements Of A Visionary, Virgin Records.

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