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The modular, highly customisable Vitsœ 606 Universal Shelving System was conceived in 1957 by Dieter Rams, and effectively embodies both the form and ethos that is a defining quality of 20th Century Modernity.

Typographical communication of modularity in a form consistent with the Vitsœ's emphasis on function as a determinant of form.

Outcome 1:

Built upon the playful dissection, and re-employment of each of the word marks characters in the form of a three dimensional arrangement across the shelves of the product.

Outcome 2:

The products model number ‘606’ is repeated at various opacities across a vertical axis — effectively communicating the nature of the product, being one that doesn’t occupy a fixed or permanent form.

Vitsœ 606:

Exploring the manipulation of word marks and existing branding devices to communicate modularity and customisation, 2013

Nothing Less, Nothing More.png

The essence of modularity communicated in a ‘Nothing Less, Nothing More’ card set.

Nothing Less, Nothing More 2.png
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